1. is a query-by-playing search engine for traditional tunes.
  2. works best with "legato" style instruments such as the tin-whistle, flute, concertina, accordian, pipes, fiddle.
  3. If can't transcribe anything, try adjusting the silence threshold.
  4. Press Record to record a query
  5. Select the Fundamental note of your instrument - the default is D
  6. Press Transcribe to extract the melody. Check the troubleshooting guide if this doesn't work.
  7. Press Search! to search for it
  8. You can filter your search by tune book
  9. Your search results will appear here
  10. Press beside the top closest match to tell The face will change to
  11. Press "None of the above" if none of the listed tunes are correct
  12. When you are finished please take a few seconds to send feedback